Upgrade Your Entertainment

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SuiteHop is here to help you upgrade your entertainment. The importance of face-to-face interaction is not lost on the savvy business person. But how can you ensure the entertainment you provide for your clients will stand out from the competition? It’s time to take your entertainment game to the next level.

How to Upgrade Your Entertainment

  1. Dinner with a Client

    Everyone needs to eat. And, let’s face it, most people like to eat! When it comes to what and where you feed your clients, the choice is yours. You could treat them to another steak dinner or you could introduce them to the Suite Life with premium, in-suite catering. Walking into a full gourmet catering spread selected with the assistance of our  Manager sure beats browsing a menu! And exciting games provide a backdrop for dinner better than any restaurant.

  2. Going Golfing

    Taking clients golfing seems to be a corporate entertainment venture that is increasing in popularity. But some customers don’t want the pressure of having to bring their best golf game. Here’s an idea: watch the professional athletes bring their A-game instead. Whether it’s a pro hockey player controlling the puck or an NBA athlete shooting free throws, you might encourage more free-flowing conversation with your client when eyes are taken off of them and put onto a professional athlete.

  3. Live Music

    Music brings people together and in the business world this seems to be no exception. Many sales people treat their clients to live music. While live music at a bar might be entertaining to your customers, a suite for a sought-after concert will be music to their ears. Choose the genre your guest will enjoy the most and seat them in the lap of luxury while they listen. Give them great views of popular artists without forcing them to fight for a place to sit. And beer and wine waiting in your suite sure beats a bar.

  4. Tickets to a Game

    Whether your customers are football fans, basketball buffs, or hockey habitués, an exciting ball game is a great venue for client entertainment. Don’t just take them to a game in any old seats, forcing them to wait in concession lines, make treks to crowded bathrooms, and sit in cramped, hard seats. Treat them to a seat in a suite for a very VIP experience. When you show clients around a suite, you are providing them with more than just tickets. You are giving them an unforgettable experience.

To upgrade your entertainment with unbeatable suite access, contact SuiteHop at 1-888-SuiteHop or info@suitehop.com. Take your corporate entertainment from ordinary to extraordinary.

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