Top Suite Events to Book in August

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We’re presenting you with the top suite events to book this August for the best measurable ROI later in the year. It’s time to face the fact that we are fast-approaching the conclusion of summer. Not to worry though; as the weather cools down, the entertainment opportunities for your business are heating up.

Business bashes that transpire in suites have proven to be an entertainment slam dunk time and time again. This August, take your shot and see the return on investment for your business. Allow clients and employees to see summer out with a seat in a suite to look forward to in the fall. Here are the top suite events we recommend you book this August:

Ready, Set, Hike!

Football Kickoff Game Suites

Ready: Your clients are essential to your business. Ensure your corporate entertainment shows them just how important they are.

Set: A seat in a football suite is a surefire way to make your most valued customers feel like VIPs.

Hike: Prepare to strengthen business relationships with the backdrop of punts, tackles, and touchdowns.

Regular season football kicks off in less than a month. Get your private NFL suite in the month of August and enjoy the entertainment touchdown in the fall.

Arena Season is Almost Here

As arena season draws near, golden entertainment opportunities present themselves to you and your business with NHL and NBA suites. Don’t just meet your customers face-to-face, meet them face-to-face in a luxury suite at your home team’s arena.

NHL Suites

Make a private NHL suite your goal before the puck drops this season. NHL teams hit the ice on October 12th. Hockey is an exciting sport to enjoy live and an unbeatable event from a suite. Treat those who make your business go-round to a few rounds of hockey from a suite in a luxury suite.

NBA Suites

Your business shoots, your business scores with an NBA suite this season. Regular season basketball is back on October 25th. This gives you plenty of time to invite clients to the event of the fall with a private basketball suite.

Booking Through SuiteHop

Not only will SuiteHop assist you in booking your NFL, NHL, or NBA suite, we will assist with all of the details that go into a killer corporate event. We will help you choose the right suite for your needs, coordinate ticket delivery, help with suite catering, and follow-up after your event to make sure it was a win. Contact our suite experts at 1-844-SuiteHop or to locate this fall’s sought after events near you.

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