Top Events to Book in June

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Are you working to plan a corporate event that will be a slam dunk, touchdown and home run? A popular event in a private suite is sure to wow your guests. If you’ve been considering a company event in a suite but don’t know what event to choose, allow SuiteHop to come in for the assist!

SuiteHop is using our expertise on the entertainment market to ensure that you get the most return on investment for your corporate entertainment. We’ve compiled our monthly list of the events that are in the highest demand and will benefit your business the most.

Invest in the Summer


We’ve seen the demand for Adele suites erupt since the singer announced her tour at the end of 2015. Concerts can be difficult to tailor to a specific audience but Adele’s vocal chords are revered by a wide variety of fans. As one of the top artists of the year, your top clients will be excited to attend if you extend the invitation to their spouses. Ensure seats in your suite don’t sit empty by inviting spouses of crucial clients and essential employees. Adele suites cater to many and getting families involved is a great way to make a lasting impression and demonstrate how much their business means to you. Lock in an Adele suite to guarantee guest attendance.

Plan for the Fall

Fall means football. Planning fall corporate events during the summer means more time to prepare for the affair. Here are the teams that will guarantee the most guests in your suite seats and the most return on your investment:


The Patriots are one of the most popular teams in football right now. This could have something to do with the team’s four Super Bowl wins since 2001 . Consequently, securing a suite at Gillette Stadium may be difficult. Look for the Patriots to hit the road this fall and reserve a suite to watch the Patriots take on your home team. Then, watch the RSVP’s pour in.


The Dallas Cowboys hold the record for the most consecutive sell-outs since 2002. That means planning a corporate outing with America’s team as the backdrop is sure to draw a crowd. Whether securing a suite for Cowboys home games at AT&T Stadium or catching the Cowboys on the road, a good old-fashion Cowboys clash makes a great statement for your business.


Pittsburgh Steelers fans will attest to the fact that whether situated in a suite at an away game or a suite at Heinz Field, a title wave of black and yellow engulfs the stadium. Get your guests in on the towel-waving fun with a suite at a Steelers game and steal the corporate entertainment show. Snag a suite at Heinz Field or intercept the Steelers on the road for an awesome event!


Many want to experience the ocean air floating through the home stadium of 2013 Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks. So many, in fact, that vacant Seahawks suites at CenturyLink are few and far between. Catch the Seahawks at your home stadium instead! Lock in a suite for a Seahawks road game and watch attendance of valuable guests soar.

There is no better way to say “thank you” to those who make your business go-round than a seat in a suite. Which event you choose will impact your ROI. With 32 NFL teams and countless concerts, choosing the ideal backdrop for your event can be like finding a needle in a haystack.
We hope this list of teams people want to see and events people want to attend comes in handy when planning your knockout event. Contact our suite experts to locate these sought after happenings in your city at 1-844-SuiteHop or

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