SuiteHop – The Premium Suite Experience

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With SuiteHop, you’ll be maximizing your entertainment budget all year round. SuiteHop allows rare suite access for those looking to entertain. Earn your company the greatest ROI where premium entertainment meets prime preparation. The most valuable business relationships are forged beyond the walls of your office. Get ready to add killer entertainment to your portfolio! Here’s how SuiteHop can make the Suite Life your life:

Priority Access

Impress important guests with the best events nationwide! With SuiteHop, you have many options when taking customers or prospective clients to the match-ups and concerts they really want to see. Yankees fighting for a win at Coors Field? Root for your Rockies! Adele heading to American Airlines Center? Say Hello to a suite!


It’s hard to provide first-rate entertainment to hungry and thirsty guests. SuiteHop can assist you in ordering a full catering spread and beverages! We will walk you though the catering process to make sure the drinks stay stocked and bellies stay full so your attendees can carry out good business conversations, rather than nurse grumbling stomachs.

Multi-Venue Entertainment

Entertain nationwide, all year long! SuiteHop allows you access to suites all over the nation throughout the year. What is the best time to impress potential clients? Anytime! Don’t be limited by seasons. Hop from hockey and basketball in the fall and winter to baseball in the spring and summer all the while treating guests to awesome year-round concerts.

Up-Front Parking

Never scramble for a spot at the stadium. VIP parking pass are not always included, but may be purchased along with your suite tickets. Parking passes will often be in lots closest to the venue, so you and your guests can save some steps and get straight to enjoying the event.

Suite Experts

When it comes to premium entertainment, you never have to go it alone! Our suite experts will act as your suite life coach, helping you get the most out of luxury entertainment. Suite experts will help you reserve tickets, assist in ordering and purchasnig catering for your suite, and arrange ticket delivery.

What are you waiting for? Don’t just sit on the sideline: position yourself as a player in the entertainment game with the help of SuiteHop. Contact us at 1-844-784-8346 or!

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