Suite Tours for Your Nationwide Business

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Chances are, your thriving business doesn’t operate within the confines of an office building, city, or even state. Whether your customers or your colleagues sit in other parts of the country, your business isn’t stuck in one place. Why should your corporate entertainment be? Ensure the corporate entertainment you choose is expansive enough for your nationwide business.

Corporate Entertainment in a Suite

Why choose a suite for corporate entertainment? The most important aspect of planning a business bash is maximizing attendance. After all, why waste your time and budget if no one shows up? With a catered event at a sporting event or concert, you’re sure to receive some sought-after RSVP’s.

The Challenges

While suite entertainment is undoubtedly a savvy way to spend your entertainment budget, we can’t overlook the challenges involved with planning suite events for your nationwide business.

Challenge #1: Where to start?

When planning nationwide corporate suite events, the very start line can be blurry. Where do you begin? How do you know which venues in your target markets would be best to entertain at, as well as fit within your budget? And even once you hone in on venues, who do you call to make it happen? This can be tricky to navigate with one event, let alone multiple.

Challenge #2: The Details

Let’s face it, planning multiple events nationwide always comes with a lot of details to hash out. But when it comes to mapping out a VIP experience in a luxury suite, there is even more to manage. A limited number of tickets requires careful monitoring of RSVPs. You have to ensure the tickets get to the right place. (and probably want to track which go to who) Then there’s choosing the appropriate options on that confusing catering menu to satisfy your guests.

Challenge #3: Tracking Expenses

What’s more difficult when planning multiple events throughout the country: leaving one (very busy) person to keep track of the expenses or having multiple people in different markets keep track of the budget and try to come together as one? Both options might produce a significant headache. With your business bucks being pulled in so many different directions, how can you execute an effective strategy to manage your budget?

How Suite Tours Can Help

SuiteHop recognizes the challenges that are inevitable when planning suite entertainment for your nationwide business. We know the execution of these events can seem like a full-time job. (And we know you probably already have one of those.) That’s why we’ve put together Suite Tours. Here’s how Suite Tours can remedy some of difficulties associated with nationwide suite entertainment:

  • Provide us with your target markets and we will present some events and venues.
  • Use our proprietary software to send electronic invites and track RSVP’s.
  • We will track the tickets and make sure your guests receive them on time.
  • Our suite experts are happy to help you navigate that catering menu.
  • Our marketing team can assist with game-related marketing materials to promote your brand.

Your 2017 Budget

As your planning allocation for your 2017 entertainment budget, think about what you want your nationwide business to accomplish and how you plan to get there. Don’t scramble last minute to use next year’s budget or lose it; be strategic and plan nationwide suite events that will make an impact on your business. To find out more about how SuiteHop can help orchestrate your nationwide suite events with Suite Tours, contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or

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