Suite Pricing Explained

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Suite pricing can be a tricky field to navigate. Don’t go it alone: SuiteHop is here to help! There is little more satisfying in the world of corporate entertainment than hearing the gasps from your guests as they set foot in your chosen entertainment venue. As your guests make their way through a private stadium suite entrance and up to large glass windows with breathtaking views of the field, the “ohh’s” and “ahh’s” are bound to sound off.

Some say you can’t put a price on that kind of reaction and the return on investment that will later come of it. But if you have an entertainment budget to adhere to, you know that everything has a price. So how much will a fabulous night in a suite at a local football game or popular concert cost your business? Price ranges will always depend upon the size of your group, the matchup, and the venue. Prices will also depend on the type of event. Here, SuiteHop will break down some of the pricing for you.

NFL Suite Pricing


Information of NFL suite pricing.

From the stadium capacities to the television viewership, everything is bigger in the NFL! Including the price tags for suites- with good reason. Each NFL team plays just 8 home games per regular season, about 1/10 the amount played in a notoriously lengthy MLB season. When you might only get to root on your team 8 times, the crowd roars louder, the beer tastes better, and the suites will cost you more.

Interested in a shared NFL suite? Where inventory is available, tickets in a shared NFL suite will cost $750-$1,500 per ticket.

NHL and NBA Suite Pricing


Information on NHL and NBA suite pricing.

Did you know, when a stadium transforms from a hockey rink to a basketball court, it takes crews only a few hours to bring the arena from ice to wood? We find that pretty incredible! NHL suites and NBA suites generally cost about the same, due in part to the fact that they often take place on the exact same arena floor. These suites are a great way to treat clients to the allure of a suite without breaking the entertainment budget.

Looking for just a handful of tickets in an NHL or NBA suite? Tickets in a shared NHL suite or shared NBA suite will run between $100-$300 per ticket.

MLB Suite Pricing


Information on MLB suite pricing.

Even if you didn’t pay attention in economics, you probably know that higher supply usually results in lower demand. Luxury Major League Baseball suites are an unmatched way to experience the ballgame. So why the lower cost? Well fans, there are a lot of games. In fact, there are 81 of them at each ballpark. That’s 81 chances to impress your guests with the Boys of Summer in the suite of the year. MLB suites are another home run option for businesses with smaller entertainment budgets.

If you just want to take a few clients to the game, try a shared MLB suite. Individual tickets in an MLB suite will cost you $100-$300 per ticket.

Concert Suite Pricing


Information on concert suite pricing.

While football fans count down to September and baseball fans sulk all winter, concert-goers can enjoy year-round entertainment! Concerts are a fun way to carry out corporate entertainment and are especially suited for company shindigs. Prepare to have your employees stating you are surely the best boss ever. Concert suite prices vary based on the popularity for the artist.

Shared suites for concerts will cost $150-$500 per ticket, just in case you are unable to fill a whole suite!

Special Event Suite Pricing


Information on special event suite pricing.

In a fantasy world, young children would share in the excitement of their parents’ favorite sports, intently watching every play. In reality, however, kids probably prefer to watch monster trucks and sing along with Disney princesses. If you’re entertaining clients with little ones, you can accommodate them with family event suites. Since these events normally aren’t in as high of demand as popular games and concerts, they cost less.

Tickets in special event shared suites should have a price tag of $25-$75, if you just want to bring a few of the kiddos along.

Championship Event Suite Pricing

$15,000 & up

Information on championship event suite pricing.

What does a shot at singing “We Are the Champions” from a suite cost? Depending on how monumental the event, these suites can be considered the big-ticket items in luxury entertainment. They say you get what you pay for, and there is no venue more equipped to impress than a championship event suite. While a Super Bowl suite is about as lavish as they come, an NCAA Championship event will be much more affordable. (but still carry that “wow factor”)

Shared championship event suites, while more difficult to obtain, are sometimes accessible. These individual tickets will be the most expensive; at least $1,500 a pop.

Your company, big or small, can capitalize on the profits garnered by luxury suite entertainment.  With such a wide range of prices, you can choose the event in a suite that best fits the needs and budget of your business. For additional questions on suite pricing, or to step up your entertainment game today, contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or

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