Start Planning Strategically for Baseball Season

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Don’t swing late when it comes to planning for baseball season! Football season is wrapping up while hockey and basketball season are well on their way. That can only mean good news for baseball fans and businesses looking to plan epic spring entertainment! Although the season is still a couple of months out, we recommend securing your suite now. Here’s why planning ahead when it comes to an MLB suite is a savvy move.

Planning for Baseball Season Now

Greater Access

Planning ahead allows access to high-demand games that may not be available later in the baseball season. Do you have crucial East Coast clients that are diehard Yankees fans? Have you TRIED scoring a suite when the Yankees come to town? Trust us, it can be a tall task. Booking an MLB suite while the season is still on the horizon allows access to more games and more sought after matchups.

Better Attendance

While the opportunity to enjoy an MLB suite will be rarely passed up by your customers, requesting RSVPs from your invitees last-minute still presents challenges for both you and them. They may have prior commitments they can’t reschedule, which leaves them disappointed and you scrambling last-minute to fill your suite. More notice will generally lead to better attendance and a higher ROI for you.

Smoother Sailing

There are a lot of logistics involved in knocking a baseball suite event out of the park including:

  • Placing a catering order
  • Managing event RSVP’s
  • Distributing tickets to guests
  • Ordering parking passes
  • Purchasing additional suite tickets
  • Adding marketing materials

SuiteHop is your partner in suite planning. Here are some of the ways we assist with the logistics of planning your MLB suite event:

  • Our customer service manager can recommend a catering spread and place your order.
  • We offer our proprietary software for tracking invites and RSVP’s.
  • We’ll handle ticket shipment to ensure they get from the suite owner to your hands.
  • Our suite experts can help you order parking or additional suite tickets where available.
  • Our in-house marketing team can assist with branded gifts for your guests.

Helping with all this and more for our clients so they may carry out epic entertainment for their clients is much smoother sailing when events are booked ahead of time and there is time to plan strategically!

The time is now to get the ball rolling on your MLB suite to ensure the most unforgettable entertainment for your clients this baseball season. To book your baseball suite now, contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or and get ready to PLAY BALL! (or at least watch the pros do it from the best seat in the house.)

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