Suite Access: Shared vs. Private

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A couple of clients or the whole office? Your two best friends or an entire bachelor party? Luxury suite access can be tailored to fit groups of all shapes and sizes. When planning a suite event or shopping around for suite tickets, there exist a few key differences between shared and private suites. We will explain what those differentiators are as well as how to determine which option is best for your group.

Shared vs. Private Suite Access

Number of Tickets

While full private suites can generally be purchased from the venues, individual suite tickets are often only found on the secondary market. Full private suites normally include somewhere around 20 tickets, and often additional standing room only tickets can be added on. When a suite owner decides to sell individual tickets for an event, as few as two at a time may be purchased. This is a great option if there are some you’d rather leave off your invite list..


One guest or a whole group, you don’t want them to go hungry! When purchasing a suite,full private or a la carte tickets, you should always find out whether or not catering is included. When it comes to catering for private suites, you will be able to choose the desired spread for your group. With shared suites, the suite owner often chooses a spread that will be waiting when you arrive. Keep in mind that more often than not, catering is not included. Sometimes a partial credit will be included with the purchase of a full suite.


Where you park your car may also vary depending on the type of suite purchase you choose for your group. Parking passes, often in VIP parking lots, are frequently included with full private suite rentals. The number varies greatly dependant on the venue. Individual suite tickets on the other hand ofttimes do not include parking, though it may be available for purchase.


Consider the type of event you’re planning- does it require a more private environment or are you ok sharing the suite with others? If you only purchase a handful of tickets, your group most likely won’t be alone in the space. Sharing is caring but, if you would rather have your suite filled with familiar faces, we suggest either renting a smaller suite or finding enough heads to fill up a larger private suite.

Pay special attention when attempting to purchase suite tickets from marketplaces that are not set up properly for suite sales. Often, owners will list the suite at one ticket, but you are really purchasing the full suite. It is always best to buy from a reliable seller like SuiteHop, who is well-versed in suite sales! Our suite experts are standing by to answer your suite questions. Just contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or

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