Relationship Building: Why Just “Picking up the Phone” Isn’t Enough

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If you’re employed in any field involving relationship building, you’ve probably been urged to meet clients and potential customers face-to-face. But in a tech-savvy world where our phones are always cradled in our pockets and emails can be answered in a flash, why is this so necessary? There are a few reasons “putting a face with a name” is so crucial:

  1. Timing

Tell us if this sounds familiar- you are right in the middle of crunching to meet a deadline. Your success depends solely on a call from a client that you are waiting for. Your phone rings and you quickly snatch up the phone to listen to the voice of.. A salesperson? No matter how bad you need what they are selling, the timing puts a terrible taste in your mouth. Timing is everything! When you are able to set up a time to meet someone face-to-face that works mutually, they are much more likely to be open to what you have to say.

  1. Distractions

We are eminently surrounded by distractions. If you work in an office it could be your computer, your coworkers, a text message, or those breakroom donuts. If you work remotely, the potential list is much longer. (i.e. your cat, cleaning the kitchen, children) The only way to make sure you are holding someone’s full attention is to be looking them in the eye. It is far too easy for a client to hold a phone to their ear whilst not truly listening to what you are saying.

  1. Nonverbal Cues

Much of important communication is of the nonverbal variety. “I’m interested” has a much different meaning when accompanied by an eye roll. But when you’re speaking to a client via telephone, they can roll their eyes, shake their head, cross their arms- among other signs of disappointment- and you wouldn’t have a clue. Meeting in person ensures you experience every facet of their communication.

  1. Building relationships

In sales, marketing, or any other field with customer service, you want your customer to trust you. Trust is the foundation of business success and the reason so much focus is placed upon solid relationship building. “Putting a face with the name” is more than just an overused saying- it’s a recipe for successfully building meaningful relationships with your customers. When business is done over a great meal or at a ballgame, customers feel like they know you more personally and are more obliged to hand you their business on a silver platter.

Relationship Building in a Suite

A suite for a sporting event or concert is is a face-to face meeting, elevated. Imagine the ease of relationship building over an action-packed hockey game, or in between the high notes of a talented singer/songwriter. A luxury suite tops coffee or lunch because it adds that sought after “wow” factor. Meeting face-to-face is invaluable in impactful relationship building, and a private suite at a ballgame or concert is a next-level way to put a face with a name. Contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or to step up your entertainment game and elevate your relationship building.

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