Plan a Suite Tour in 2016

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These days, corporate hospitality means more than hosting a round of golf at the country club.  You need to do more.  You need to do something different.  You need to stand out.

At SuiteHop, we recognize that professional hospitality requires preparation, personalization, and perfection.  That’s why we’ve created Suite Tours – a combination of luxury access to the country’s premiere sporting events and world class customer service.

Don’t take the cookie-cutter approach to event planning in 2016.  Your business doesn’t operate in one city, and neither should your corporate entertainment.  You may be in Los Angeles one month, Chicago another, with plans to get to Dallas sometime in between.

At SuiteHop, we understand that event planning isn’t a part of your job description.  You shouldn’t be expected to scout venues, arrange for entertainment, and interview food service providers all while preparing for an upcoming presentation.  Suite Tours provide vertical integration of all the services you need to successfully host corporate events, no matter where your business takes you.

Access to America’s Best Sporting Events

Events May Include

  • Customized Event-Specific Programs for Each Guest
  • Behind the Scenes Experiences for all Attendees
  • High End Catering and Beverages
  • VIP Parking

Event planning the old way used to mean balancing multiple venues, numerous points of contact, varying budgets and an array of catering requirements.  With Suite Tours, you’ll still see the number of events you want – in the best suites across the country – but you’ll only need a single point of contact.  Us.  You can trust SuiteHop to handle the rest.

We will manage the event tickets and invitations, can arrange for celebrity visits and promotional items, and will handle ticket distribution and guest relations.  We can guarantee experiences that your clients will never forget.  If you are ready for something different when it comes to corporate entertainment in 2016, we would love to customize a hospitality package to fit your business’ needs.

At SuiteHop, we’re passionate about event hospitality.  Our experience in the world of sports and luxury travel set us apart from the competition.  We are the premiere company specializing in upscale sports packages with tickets to the world’s greatest events.  From college football and basketball to the four major professional sports and auto racing, SuiteHop is here for your business entertainment needs.

We understand the importance of building client relationships through corporate hospitality and take personal care in looking after you and your guests.  You will receive 5-star treatment from the moment you pick up the phone until your Tour concludes.  If you are thinking about attending the Super Bowl, Final Four, World Series, or College Football National Championship next year, consider booking a Suite Tour today.

By simply securing tickets to a once in a lifetime sports experience, you can ensure that your clients appreciate the gesture.  But by utilizing SuiteHop’s customizable Suite Tour, you are sure to stand out from the competition.

Our expert personnel will assist by:

  • Coordinating and securing premium access to premier sports experiences.
  • Managing the creation of customized event programs.
  • Distributing tickets and parking passes to each guest via FedEx mail.
  • Coordinating logistics with the venues; including ordering catering and managing the delivery of event materials.

Planning corporate events is confusing enough, add in multiple stops and additional contacts in each city, and managing the logistics becomes a full time job.  Our team of luxury suite experts will make your next corporate tour a success, thanks in part to high-end accommodations at the best sporting events and venues nationwide.  Suite Tours are ideal for executive engagement, employee training, sales incentives and recruitment.

Whether closing a deal or bonding with customers, family or friends, you are sure to enjoy all that a SuiteHop suite has to offer.  Your suite will put you right on top of the action, and provide you with a private atmosphere for you and your guests.  Our Suite Tour makes for the perfect blend of business and pleasure in some of the best sporting venues America has to offer.

Our aim in creating Suite Tours was to aid talented professionals in simplifying what has become a complex process: building new business for the company.  Today, business leaders must effectively manage rapidly expanding professional networks, build profitable relationships, and convert opportunities into valuable client relationships.  We know that relationships form the foundation of your business. Our unique events provide a focused platform to discuss future strategy, delicate issues, and company culture, as well as a chance to get to know your clients on a personal level.

If you are considering a bucket list sports and entertainment tour in 2016, or simply want more information about the Suite Life, visit or call 1-844-SuiteHop to learn more.

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