NFL Suites That Sell Out the Fastest

With the anticipated schedule release for the 2017-18 NFL season, be strategic about securing your NFL suites. Certain games are gone in the blink of an eye. Be the one booking, not the one blinking and missing out! To blow your corporate entertainment out of the water this fall, start planning as soon as your eyes meet this season’s schedule. Here are some helpful hints when it comes to the games you can expect will generate the highest demand.

NFL Suites That Sell the Fastest

Monday and Thursday Night Games

Weekday entertainment is the most seamless for companies to execute. Therefore, weekday NFL games generally see higher attendance than their weekend counterparts. Weekends are set aside for friends and family, and often an escape from work. While NFL games are enjoyable, (especially in a suite) smart corporate entertainers know they are asking their guests to give up part of their hard-earned weekend focusing on business affairs.

Sunday Night Games

While Sunday night is technically still part of the weekend, most of us have already flipped the switch in our brains to “work mode.” Guests can still enjoy their weekends while just sacrificing the tail end for networking. And we’re betting once they’re in a suite at the stadium, it won’t feel akin to a sacrifice.


Who doesn’t relish a good rivalry? When the opposing teams have a colorful history or geographic proximity, the demand skyrockets. Even when these games fall on a Sunday morning, attendance is usually higher due to the sheer nature of the event. We don’t want to be an instigator, but a little trash talking to the rival fans is safer with the protection of a private suite.

Popular Teams

Some teams enjoy a cult-like following. Win or lose, fans show up to fill the stadium seats each and every game. And the dedication doesn’t miss the suite section. If your entertainment blueprint includes enjoying teams like the Broncos, Patriots, Browns, or Seahawks from a suite, there’s not time to wait. Speedy suite booking is highly advised

As soon as the NFL schedule is released to the public, SuiteHop will be standing by to help you secure your suite for the games that will win you the best return on investment. Contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or to book your NFL suite.