Luxury Suite Trends Right Now

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Home to professional sports teams, stadiums and arenas across the country are doing more to enhance the atmosphere of games and live performances. By incorporating new technology and taking on major infrastructural projects, stadium owners are redefining the role of venues and offering fans a more complete experience.

Louder environments, field level suites, and mobile apps are just the beginning for stadiums looking to provide attendees with everything they need to be able to enjoy a seamless and entertaining live experience. Here are some of the emerging luxury suite trends enhancing fans’ game day experience.

New Luxury Suite Trends

Louder Environment

One of the biggest luxury suite trends has been improving how noise travels within an arena. Noisier atmospheres enhance the experience for all fans, including those in the nose bleed sections of stadiums. For example, at U.S. Bank Stadium, reverberating sounds are made possible thanks to the new acoustically reflective roof made from space-age material. Like U.S. Bank, other stadiums are implementing infrastructural upgrades to offer their fans and visitors the loudest environment. For sporting events, this means that home field advantage will play a larger role in the outcome of a game.

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Field Suites

More stadiums are reconfiguring to allow for field level suites that give fans an even closer look at the action and put fans closer to their favorite teams. This includes restructuring current floor plans and completely redesigning old stadiums. One of the first to do this was the home of the Dallas Cowboys, AT&T Stadium. There’s a reason field level suites are high in-demand. Field level suites provide fans with a closer view of the event and bring them closer to the action on the field.

Want to feel like you’re part of the huddle at the next Cowboys home game? This is made possible with a Cowboys Field suite!


Providing a complete experience for fans attending a live event goes beyond the physical qualities of a venue. Technology has become a major player in nearly everything that we do. To comply, stadiums everywhere are setting up free Wi-Fi throughout their venues so that fans can interact with the teams playing and with one another. Also, many venues are working with their respective home teams to develop mobile apps that make it so fans don’t have to leave their seats as often. The San Francisco 49ers have already implemented this feature in Silicone Valley. Now fans can watch live action and replays from various angles, order food and merchandise from their seats, and monitor restroom wait times.

Live-action 49ers replays? There’s an app for that with a suite at Levi’s Stadium.


Stadiums are implementing smaller upgrades that may not be as noticeable as new roofs, field level suites, and mobile apps. Keeping technology in mind, many venues have added more video displays that help keep fans engaged throughout games. The Sacramento kings installed a facial recognition security system called “smart turnstiles” at Golden 1 Center. Other small but highly demanded stadium upgrades include the installation of new lighting and retractable seating, perfect for those fans who utilize stadium mobile apps to order food or merchandise.

Clients can explore the new state-of-the-art Golden 1 Center in the lap of luxury with a Sacramento Kings suite.

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