July 2016- Top Suite Event Requests

Let’s take a look at the top suite event requests for the warm month of July. When you talk about what you did this summer, have an awesome tale to tell! Concerts continue to provide unmatched summer entertainment and sports fanatics once again prove that a little heat wave won’t stop them from attending desirable events.  As we head into the final month of Summer, 2016, folks nationwide continue to escape the heat in a luxury suite.

Top Suite Event Requests in July


MLB suites have proven to be a grand slam in entertainment this summer. With less than two months left of regular season baseball, fans nationwide are choosing a baseball backdrop for family fun and client entertainment. Check out which Major League Baseball teams received the most attention from suite goers in the month of July.


Pigskin patrons are beyond ready for some football and are looking to get the season started early with a preseason NFL suite. Preseason kicks off this week and it’s seemingly never too early to early to occupy a seat in a luxury NFL suite. See how many preseason NFL suite requests SuiteHop received last month.


Guests continue to display interest in experiencing the Suite Life at this summer’s sizzling concerts. There is nothing like soaking up the sweet sounds of your favorite artist from a seat in a suite. Drake and Future blew suite requests out of the water but check out some of the other popular performers in July.

SuiteHop presents the top suite event requests for July with this infographic.

When deciding the perfect backdrop for a well-attended corporate event, look out for our post on the top suite events to book in the month of August. If you’re interesting in closing out your summer with a seat in a luxury suite, contact us at 1-866-SuiteHop or info@suitehop.com and experience the Suite Life before summer comes to an end!