International Champions Cup Suites

Entertain like a champ when soccer brings the best teams in the world to your backyard. Being a spectator at an international soccer match would normally require a passport update and costly plane ticket, among extensive logistics planning. The International Champions Cup presents you the opportunity to treat clients to the utmost international soccer talent, live, without leaving U.S. soil.

International Champions Cup Venues

Some of the nation’s top stadiums will play host to the world’s top soccer teams this summer during the International Champions Cup. Stadiums that normally host a different kind of football (the American kind) will transform for a night to allow soccer teams from overseas to trample on their turf. Imagine cheering on Real Madrid where the Dolphins normally play or watching Manchester United kick the soccer ball around where the 49ers normally toss the pigskin.

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International Champions Cup Matchups

Eight teams total from the countries of France, Spain, England, and Italy will be matched up at venues across the nation. The teams include:


Paris Saint-Germain

SpainInternational Champions Cup Suites


Real Madrid


Manchester United

Manchester City

Tottenham Hotspur




See the full schedule and matchups.

International Champions Cup Suites

Suites are an unstoppable way to kick your entertainment game up a notch. From the exclusivity of a private space to the mouthwatering in-suite catering, the wow factor won’t be lost on your most important guests. As if witnessing a team that has traveled thousands of miles to compete in your backyard wasn’t impressive enough!
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