Holiday Party Planning in a Suite

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The days are getting shorter and the temperature is starting to get cooler.  Pretty soon, Thanksgiving will be here and the holiday party train will be pulling out of the station.  Next stop, 2016.

Right now, in companies across the country, those charged with planning the annual holiday party are booking typical event venues.  Some will return to the same old restaurant spaces and hotel banquet rooms.  Others have agreed to spruce up their building’s conference room or lobby instead.

Think beyond the conference room for your next holiday party.

Your company’s holiday party planning committee has a lot of responsibilities and important choices to make.  But the biggest decision it can make this year is choice of venue.  A holiday party is fun, upbeat, and cheerful, so it is important to choose a venue that has an atmosphere which reflects these themes.

Utilizing the same party venue each year can damper excitement and strangle creativity.  Switching up your venue on occasion is a great way to keep things fun, fresh, and full of holiday cheer.  If your company’s holiday planning committee is searching for a new location this year, look no further than SuiteHop.

Choose an exciting venue for your holiday party!

Our suites can be an integral part of any holiday calendar.  The game’s action will keep your employees engaged from kick off or tip off to the final buzzer. You’ll be able to show them how appreciative you are for their contributions to your company’s success. And when they leave, they’ll rave about the atmosphere and accommodations to their families and friends.

Planning a Holiday Party?  SuiteHop Can Make it Easy!

Hosting a holiday party can be an expensive undertaking, especially for small and midsized companies.  Though it can be difficult to budget for, throwing a holiday party is important for company morale.  It provides an annual opportunity to thank your staff for all of their hard work and the dedication they have shown throughout the year.  This is why we, at SuiteHop, are always eager to provide venues for your annual holiday celebrations.  Whether you are throwing an office soiree, a family reunion, or a New Year’s Eve party, our suites make for the ideal host to events of all sizes.

Planning this year’s company holiday bash can be easier than ever if you stay on trend with the wishes of your attendees.  Transform your corporate holiday party into an unforgettable event in a SuiteHop suite.  Decking the halls for the annual office bash has never been easier.  Our suites are equipped to host events of various sizes.  The spacious floor plans will impress your guests and the stellar décor provides the perfect complement to any gathering.

Employees will have a great time at your holiday party in a suite.

If you are in charge of your company’s holiday party planning committee, we suggest you plan something:

  • Absolutely Perfect
  • Wildly Exciting
  • Wonderfully Different
  • Really Easy!

We are ready to assist you in any way possible.  SuiteHop has set the gold standard for game-day luxury experience and offers the best buying power the upscale suite marketplace has to offer.  Our seats will put you and your team in the middle of the action.  No other sporting or concert environment provides better sightlines or entertainment amenities.  We offer year round excitement: MLB, NBA, NCAA, NFL, NHL, world class concerts and performers, and a variety of other large-scale events.

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