Going, Going, Gone! Popular Suite Events That Sell out the Fastest

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One of the most frequent questions we receive from SuiteHop customers is “How long do we have to make a decision about the purchase?” The short answer is: The suite could be bought out from under you at any time by another client. The long answer is: It depends heavily on the event.

When it comes to securing your suite entertainment, our suite experts normally recommend booking premium seating at least four weeks out from an event. This gives you or whomever is planning the logistics of your event ample time to lock in details of your business bash, as well as invite clients to ensure the best attendance.

Certain events, however, require interested parties to act at the speed of light, lest be left without one of the best seats in the house in a suite. We’ll outline the events that require swift action to avoid bitter disappointment when planning your suite event.

Popular Suite Events

Suites for Winning Teams

Teams that are fresh off a championship win the previous season generate very high demand and few available suites. And that doesn’t just ring true for the team’s home games. An away visit by a reigning champion can mean sold out suites months in advance. It goes without saying, a winning season means a bump in cost as well.

Concert Tour Suites

When a popular artist announces a tour, the search frenzy begins for a suite at any of their stops along the way. Because suite owners are granted access to the shows before the general public, many interested buyers are able to secure suites as soon as the tours are announced. With sought-after acts comes the need to act fast.

Monster Jam/ Supercross Suites

Motorsports are sweeping the nation. In fact, Monster Jam and Supercross were two of our top-selling suite events last year! At many venues, these motorsport spectacles create the need for a waiting list for suite access. That means once premium seating becomes available, it’s a race to the finish.

Playoff Suites

Playoff games demand snap decisions based on the sheer nature of the event. But snap decisions in the playoff world could mean booking a suite a few days before the actual event occurs. Oftentimes matchups are announced less than a week prior to the game so those looking to entertain clients or loved ones in a playoff suite need to be on the ball.

In addition to the actual event taking place, some venues hold less suites than others. Naturally, premium seating for sought-after matchups and preferred performers at these venues sells out quickly. As the demand for suites increases, renovations often include the addition of more premium seating.

When it comes to establishing a timeline for booking a suite, our suite experts will always advise you: the sooner, the better. Strategic planning allows for smooth-sailing in the final days leading up to the event as well as during the event. The best method? Choose a few dates that work for your group and know your group size and overall budget. That way, when you find a suite that suites you perfectly, you can book it before someone else does!

For more information, contact our suite experts at 1-888-SuiteHop or info@suitehop.com

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