Fun MLB Games for People Who Aren’t Baseball Fans

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Baseball is a game of patience. Every pitch, swing, and stolen base is carefully calculated and finessed. That’s why we love it, right? As much as we adore America’s pastime, sometimes being a fan demands patience too. While the MLB is increasing efforts to shorten the game and hold attendees’ attention, some viewers aren’t bought into the pace of the game.

Never fear! You don’t have to be a baseball junkie to attend MLB games. Live games are a great time even sans watching every strike. We’re naming some live Major League Baseball games that are especially entertaining.

Fun MLB Games

Opening Day

While many baseball fans begin the countdown to the first day of the MLB season the moment the World Series wraps up, it’s not just the diehards marking off days on their calendar. Opening Day at most ballparks features a “party meets ballgame” atmosphere. Of course, if you choose to take in every moment from batting practice to the final pitch, we salute you. But if you don’t we’re betting you’ll still enjoy an unforgettable experience. Unless of course you don’t like big parties; we can’t help you there.

Opening Day is more than just a fun MLB game, it's an unforgettable experience!

Pro tip: Opening Day games are generally a higher price point and sell out fast!

Bobblehead Day

Bobbleheads were introduced to ballpark attendees in the 1960’s, modeled after their favorite players and have generated quite a frenzy over the years. Hailed as treasured collectibles by many, bobbleheads are given away at MLB stadiums nationwide on select nights. You may wonder how a toy nicknamed “wobbler” could actually sell tickets. If you’re wondering that, you’ve never had a bobblehead in a (your team here) uniform nodding on your bookshelf.

Photo courtesy of B Rosen

Pro tip: Arrive early to make sure you can snag this hot item!

Fireworks Day

Who doesn’t love fireworks? Other than small dogs, we can’t think of many that aren’t mesmerized by these colorful, booming lights in the sky. Now imagine this: the grandeur of fireworks while standing on your home Major League Baseball team’s turf. This spectacular sight is a reality every season for fans across the country. Firework night is your run-of-the-mill game with a not-so-average after show. When the game concludes, spectators are ushered to field level to witness a performance possibly more exciting than the game itself.

Ever watched a fireworks show over an MLB stadium?

Pro tip: Confirm what side of the stadium the Fireworks are shot from and buy tickets there to guarantee your seat on the field for the show.


Two words: free stuff. Many ballpark tickets throughout the season will earn you more than an unforgettable experience. You can walk through the gates and be handed the perfect cooler to carry your work lunch or the gym towel that will finally get you to use that membership you’ve been paying for. Most Major League Ballpark advertise the giveaway upfront so it feels more like shopping than buying tickets to the game!

Free giveaways make for fun MLB games!

Pro Tip: Giveaway items are distributed while supplies last.

Snag a Seat in a Suite

A luxury suite is an epic way to enhance the ballpark experience and exceed expectations. Luxury suites spell out unforgettable group gatherings with the ballgame as a backdrop. Picture a private space with gourmet catering, a fridge stocked with beer, and breathtaking views of the game. A suite at an MLB stadium ensures the game isn’t just another game. An addition, SuiteHop customers typically see at least an 80% attendance for corporate events in a ballpark suite. Now that’s sweet.

Snag a suite to elevate your MLB experience.

So there you have it, baseball skeptics. If your baseball-loving friends and family are live game advocates, you have no excuse to not tag along. Major League Baseball is so much more than a bat and a ball. It’s a community of like-minded fans coming together to create lasting memories. And to add more bobbleheads to their collection, of course. To secure a suite for a unparalleled night at the ballpark, contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or

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