Entertaining in a Pro-Football Suite

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We are a country obsessed: captivated, fascinated, and enthralled.  The NFL runs the attention business – and business is booming.  Today, professional football is comparable to the rest of sports entertainment in the same way the Empire State Building is comparable to a four-story office building.  It isn’t.

Football has never been more popular or garnered a larger percentage of America’s entertainment dollar – and for good reason. Sundays have become our still point in a quickly turning world.  We cherish them as a place for families, friends, and colleagues to come together in the pursuit of a unified interest: watching the greatest show on turf.

There is nothing quite like game day: warm-up music blaring from stadium speakers, freshly painted yard lines, pyrotechnics, and the anticipation of kickoff.  Sixty thousand people will cheer in unity as a group of F-18s fly overhead.  Game day is an experience that can’t be adequately viewed – or felt – on a big-screen, high-definition TV.

Players have spent the past six days preparing for these four hours.  Coaches have watched countless hours of film – studying every intricacy of the opposing players’ movement.  The team has worked long hours, in hotel lobbies, on airplanes, and at their headquarters to uncover the opponent’s tendencies.

The NFL is the number one spectator sport in America.  It continues to grow in popularity because of its parity.  No matter where you live in the country – big market or small – your team has a chance to win the Super Bowl.  Whether it made the playoffs last year or was unfortunate enough to secure a top-10 pick in the draft, next year can be your year.  No, it will be your year.

The NFL is king.  And there is no better way to enjoy a game – or entertain your guests – than in the comfort of your own climate controlled private suite.  Because there are only eight home games a year, a suite experience is a big deal.  With beautiful panoramic views of the field and the conveniences of your own living room, a pro football suite pairs perfectly with America’s game.

Booking a Suite Through SuiteHop May Include:

  • Reserved parking
  • Exclusive entrance
  • Magnificent views of the gridiron below
  • Fully heated and air-conditioned spaces
  • In-suite catering available – a step-up from typical stadium food
  • HDTVs
  • Wi-Fi
  • Access to semi-private restrooms
  • Coat and storage space.

Use one of our luxury NFL suites to create the game day atmosphere you need: one for business entertainment, a bachelor party, or even a family function.  A luxury suite is a malleable tool that can be tailor-made to meet your individual needs.  Our spaces are designed to accommodate a wide range of clients by providing a premium menu and impeccable services for you and your guests – all without compromising the unrivaled experience of watching live professional football.

Whether you are looking for space, privacy, or planning with a budget in mind, we will work with you to maximize your game day experience.  When it comes to customer service – as with many things – the difference between good and great comes down to being a stickler for detail, and getting the “little things” right.

Choose the ultimate entertainment venues in the NFL for your business needs

From San Francisco to New England – SuiteHop offers luxury suites in every NFL stadium across the country.  We give you the power to utilize your seats as an extension of your business.  Whether you are a lawyer, accountant, or salesperson, hosting a client at a game during the 2015-2016 season is an intelligent investment.

Show your clients how much their business means to you by treating them to a VIP experience.  SuiteHop can provide a concierge to ensure that every need is taken care of, so you are free to focus all of your attention on your clients.

A SuiteHop suite is more than just a place to watch pro football.  Mixing business and pleasure means:

  • The opportunity to differentiate your business from its competitors.
  • Allowing your clients the opportunity to interact with you outside of the strict confines of the boardroom.
  • A platform to discuss strategy and company culture.
  • A substantial return on your initial investment.

NFL suites provide an ideal venue for building business relationships, interacting one-on-one with prospective clients, and rewarding employees.  In today’s business climate, it is crucial that you take every measure to prevent your clients from developing a wandering eye.  An exceptional suite experience may even allow you to solidify a once-wavering deal.   Plus, nothing says, “thank you,” like tickets to an unforgettable NFL game.  Let your clients know that you appreciate their business with the best kind of entertainment – VIP-treatment in a luxury suite.

As our partner, you’ll have one of the best game day experiences in sports.  We hope you partner with SuiteHop during the 2015-2016 season!

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