Eight Reasons to Entertain in a Suite

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If you’ve never struggled to identify the perfect way to woo clients or incentivize employees, you are one step ahead of the curve! However, if you’ve ever been in charge of merrymaking for your business, chances are you’ve encountered difficulty finding events that are extraordinary rather than ordinary. Events in a suite fit the bill for entertainment that impresses!

Picture this: Your guests file into a private VIP entrance to be welcomed by a cordial concierge who gives them a smile and takes their coat. Waiting in the suite is an array of treats ready to be consumed as the concierge pops the cap off of an ice-cold beer for one of your attendees. Once everyone has the refreshments they need, they migrate to be seated in some of the best seats in the house. Your guests are delighted and the game hasn’t even begun. How’s that for entertainment?

From concerts to sporting events, time spent in a suite is a one-of-a-kind experience for both you and your guests. With SuiteHop, you gain access to rare recreational opportunities for clients, employees, family members, and friends. The possibilities are as endless as the reasons to entertain in a suite. We’ve compiled just a handful of those reasons:

1. Stand out From the Competition

Regardless of the industry you’re in, when it comes to standing apart from your competition, the relationship you build with clients can be just as crucial as the services you provide to them. There is nothing more impressive than bringing clients along for a game or a concert in a swanky suite. Let your competitors stick to happy hours and coffee meetings while you show your clients or employees just how much you value them with a taste of the Suite Life.

2. Don’t Go it Alone

From coordinating ticket delivery to arranging the catering, our suite experts will make sure your suite event goes off without a hitch. Whether you’re new to suite entertaining or are just looking for a sweeter experience, you won’t have to go it alone! Our suite experts will assist with all pre and post-game planning needs.

3. Skip the Concession Lines 

An essential part of entertaining at any venue is making sure your guests are well fed and hydrated. SuiteHop will help coordinate catering and drinks though your suite experience. If desired, we can be sure the suite is stocked with complimentary snacks, entrees, and dessert, as well as a refrigerator full of drink options and a concierge to serve them to you and your guests.

4. Receive White-Glove Service

SuiteHop can assist in coordinating a friendly In-Suite Concierge to keep your glass full and your focus on the event. From greeting your guests as they enter the suite to fitting their ice-cold beer into your company branded koozie, your In-Suite Concierge allows you to enjoy the game and build valuable connections with peace of mind that your guests are taken care of.

5. Don’t Take More Than You Need

The average suite can hold anywhere from 16 to 100 attendees. For those looking to entertain just a few clients, large suites can amount to unnecessary space and wasted money! When you purchase seats in a shared suite, you can save money by buying only enough tickets for what you need. Whether bringing five of your employees or simply one client, you can entertain without wasting resources!

6. Reserve With Ease

Don’t spend valuable time on hold when trying to plan an event in a suite. You can avoid the hassle of having multiple points of contact when you work through us. We make it simple to view available events and book suite tickets with ease. Don’t forget, our suite experts are standing by should you need any assistance.

7. Be Strategic

We understand business gets, well, busy! Ever find yourself scrambling to identify a way to entertain the clients you knew two months ago were coming into town? SuiteHop allows you to cherrypick games and concerts you want to attend well in advance. Stay focused on other aspects of your business and plan your entertainment ahead of time.

8. Enjoy VIP Amenities

Yes, there’s more. Enjoy additional amenities such as VIP parking passes, a dedicated private suite entrance, and even games hosted by a suite concierge. With an experience like this, we think you’re going to want to make the Suite Life you life!

When it comes to entertaining, don’t settle for average. Instead, go for the gold and plan your entertainment in a suite! For more information on the Suite Life visit www.SuiteHop.com. Planning to entertain guests in more than one city?  Visit www.suitetours.com or call 888-877-5280 to learn about Suite Tours.


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