Count Down To College Championships

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The first College Football Playoff semifinals and national championship were a success by any measure.  Those three games, which capped off an entertaining 2014 season, were the three most-viewed programs in cable television history.

This year, 40 bowls will make up the 2015 postseason: the New Year’s Six Bowls (Rose, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, Fiesta and Peach), which include the two Playoff semifinals (Orange and Cotton Bowls), and 34 lower-tier bowls.  Under the College Football Playoff selection process, every FBS team has equal access to the Playoff based on its performance.  No team automatically qualifies.

The new format has encouraged a high level of interest in the 34 non-playoff bowl games as well.  This season, 80 different teams, or nearly 65 percent of the 127 teams in the FBS, will play in a bowl game after the 2015 regular season.

That’s good news, because bowl games are like nachos.  Even sloppy games are better than having no games at all.  If there’s a bowl game in front of you, you’re going to consume it.  But truly great games – also like nachos – are memorable and seem like another event entirely.

This year’s bowl slate is sure to be filled with high-potential talent, entertaining storylines and matchups that will appeal to even the most fickle of sports palates.

Bowl Games as Sales and Marketing Tools

College football bowl games provide unique opportunities for corporate power brokers to influence clients while tradition and pageantry play out on the field below.  From December 19th (the Camellia Bowl) to January 11th (the National Championship), college bowl games will again become the capital of the business world.

Whether you are an executive, accountant, or administrator, hosting clients in a SuiteHop suite is a great way to foster corporate relationships.  Corporate sports entertainment is now a major marketing tool and quickly becoming part of today’s sales process.

College bowls, with all of their pomp and pageantry, provide an impressive setting for entertaining business associates.  A SuiteHop suite is the perfect place to pamper your clients – and potential clients – in comfort, privacy, and style.  Our climate-controlled lounges are typically equipped with a wet bar, updated finishes, HDTVs and first class service.  Suite holders and their guests also frequently enjoy access to VIP parking, a private entrance, and elevators to the suite level.

The Importance of Face to Face Communication

In today’s tech-driven business world, the power of human interaction and the importance of face-to-face communication is often overlooked.  If the point of business were simply to accomplish as many tasks as possible, then sure, feel free to lock into your Smartphone and key away.  But if you’ve ever been on the bad side of cyber miscommunication, you’ll agree that faster isn’t always better.  Sometimes running a successful business means building trust, understanding, and a sense of shared mission.

Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration analyzed scientific research to find that in-person events are better than virtual ones at capturing attendees’ attention, creating positive emotions and building lasting relationships and networks.  The study drew a distinction between sharing information – which can easily be done virtually – and creating networks or relationships, which still requires face to face human interaction.

A little investment in these belly to belly meetings can go a long way to strengthening your bottom line.  When you control that much potential revenue in your suite for a four hour period, relying on SuiteHop becomes a no-brainer.

And face time is just half the formula.  Your guests also need to be entertained.  We know from experience that an engaged client is more likely to remain loyal to your business.  This loyalty ensures that they will still be doing business with you this time next year and promotes the delivery of your message to future customers.

Hosting clients at a premier bowl game can help nurture a relationship or close a sale.  It also makes the transaction personal and offers your client an opportunity to see you outside of the rigid confines of the courtroom or boardroom.  So take this opportunity to create a lasting memory that can become a turning point in your business relationship.  The client will get to know you better, and, in so doing, become more comfortable with you on an individual level.

SuiteHop’s Customized Levels of Service

As the luxury suite leader, we are able to customize our services to accommodate your company’s needs.

  • Level One: Suite tickets only (in a shared or private suite)
  • Level Two: Suite tickets and catering (in a private suite)
  • Level Three: Full service event planning (in a private suite)

Your dedicated suite expert can also help arrange for a visit from a player or team mascot, provide company logo-embroidered merchandise, and distribute an agenda for the evening’s activities.

Contact our suite experts online at or by phone at 1-844-SuiteHop.

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