Don’t “Spook” Your Clients- Corporate Entertainment Mistakes to Avoid

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Getting your clients out of the office is often necessary to take your business to the next level. Building business relationships is more effective when you can take a break from the glow of projector screen. But if you make these dreaded corporate entertainment mistakes when planning your business bash, you could just be scaring clients away.

Corporate Entertainment Mistakes to Avoid

When planning a crowning corporate event, don’t…

Create Complicated Invitations

Our inboxes and mailboxes are stuffed to the brim with spam, junk mail, and coupons we will never use. Make sure your invitation doesn’t get clumped with these unwanted solicitations. Your invitation should be clear and concise so your invitee knows right off the bat who it’s from and what it’s for. Keep it simple- creating corporate invitations is not the time to get design crazy.

Do What Everyone Else is Doing

At this point in the year, your customers probably can’t count on two hands the number of corporate dinners and happy hours they’ve attended. Be different! If your clients are going to sip another martini or bite into another steak, why not invite them to do so with the backdrop of a thrilling game or concert in a suite? Setting your event apart will award you winning attendance.

Run Out of Food

Speaking of food and drinks, stranding guests with growling stomachs will distract from any awe your event inspires. If your corporate gathering is around dinner time, your guests will expect dinner. If it’s anywhere near noon, invitees will be hungry for lunch. Make sure you provide refreshments so critical customers aren’t left hungry or thirsty.

Forget to track ROI

Ok, this might not scare your guests, but it may give you nightmares. If someone were to ask you why you entertain clients outside of the board room, you probably wouldn’t simply say “because it’s fun.” Likely, you are looking for a measurable benefit to your company, whether that be increased revenue from an existing client or bringing on new clients. Don’t make the mistake of skipping the ROI measurement, or who’s to say if your corporate entertainment spending is worth its weight?

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