Company Gatherings at the Ballpark – Celebrate the Summer

This summer, turn your company gathering into a celebration instead of an obligation with a ballpark suite. Events away from the office are essential to keeping employee morale high. If done right, you’ll have your team counting down to next year’s celebration. A ballpark suite is a surefire way to make sure you get the most of your company gathering.


Skip the Potluck

Give Bob in accounting a break from making his famous bean dip and chow down on some ballpark food! Add-ons, such as catering stadium staples like hot dogs, pizza, peanuts and popcorn are typically always available. 


Beat the Heat

Does Beth know a bad sunburn isn’t an excuse not to come in on Friday? Avoid the simmering summer sun while still enjoying the weather with a climate-controlled suite. A suite will offer your team covered stadium seating outside and air-conditioned comfort inside.


Provide Entertainment 

As much as your employees probably want to hear about Frank’s fishing story, (again) treat them to some real summertime entertainment brought to you by the boys of summer. Carry out team-building, goal-setting, and brainstorming all with the backdrop of an MLB game.


In addition to these amenities, booking a company event in a suite will include:

  • Personalized Invitation System
  • Ticket Delivery
  • Assisting in Catering Order
  • VIP Parking Passes (if included)

Summer is a time to celebrate. But as all bosses know, business still needs to get done. Be the company hero with an event in a ballpark suite! Check SuiteHop for available games and let the ballpark bash commence! Contact SuiteHop to reserve your ballpark suite today.