College Sports and Suites- A Winning Equation

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When it comes to college sports, we’re fans. Marked by passion, dedication, and extremely talented athletes, it’s hard to conjure up a reason not to tune in. But somehow, that TV-sized view of the game doesn’t quite capture the electrifying atmosphere unique to college games.

Being present at a round of March Madness matchups or a college football kickoff game is an experience unlike any other. To really kick the experience up a notch, get decked out in your alma mater’s garb and cheer from a luxury suite. Here are some reasons why college game suites earn an A+ report card.

Passion From a Distance

We appreciate the passion of college sports fans. College teams seem to draw out a team spirit from their fans surpassed by none and experiencing that fan dedication in person makes for a great experience. But there is a way to relish in the roar of the crowd sans leaving with some of the chest paint from the student sitting next to on your shirt. College sports suites open up to all of the action but offer your group a dedicated entrance and private space to enjoy the game. Be a part of the crowd while maintaining your personal space.

Team “Spirits”

As many college students are not yet drinking age, schools are forced to be strict when it comes to policies around alcohol sales at college sports venues. While many schools don’t sell alcohol at games, most that do only do so in designated areas. The good news for suite goers? Premium seating is one of those designated areas and, for some schools, the only areas in which able to enjoy a beer or cocktail. While the amount consumed will still be regulated for safety, popping bottles in suites is fair game.

Client Entertainment

Treating your most important client to a kickoff game at their alma mater will set you far apart from the competition. From the moment they step into a suite filled with school memorabilia, to their first glimpse of their school colors out on the field, they’re bound to fill up with team pride. And they won’t soon forget the nostalgia you provided them. Who knows, it may even contribute to closing your next big sale.

College Football Kickoff Suites

Now that March Madness has concluded, turn your attention toward the next big thing. College Football kicks off early September and a suite for a kickoff game makes for an unforgettable experience. Start browsing those prospective clients’ LinkedIn and scroll down to the education section. Then, contact SuiteHop at 1-888-SuiteHop or about a College Football kickoff suite and an experience that won’t disappoint!

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