College Football Playoff Breakdown

Wintertainment (winter entertainment) that chilly time of the year when you pull out all the stops to entertain big clients in hopes of a solid start to the New Year.

Big college games are a wonderful way to woo crucial clients this winter.

The College Football playoffs are a can’t-miss event for college football fans far and wide. But with the committee, rankings, bowl games, and playoffs, sometimes it’s a system that leaves fans scratching their heads. How does it all work? How are teams ranked? And what are bowl games? They are NOT games you play with your breakfast cereal.

In this infographic, we break down exactly how the College Football Playoffs work, as well as reveal an unbeatable way to spectate in style. Did you know: luxury suites aren’t just reserved for professional games? You can watch up-and-coming pro athletes take their schools the distance from a suite. SuiteHop shows you how!

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College Football Playoff 2017