Suite Catering Tips

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Catering is sure to make a significant difference when it comes to impressing your guests in a luxury suite. Be the hero that helps them avoid the concession lines while staying full and hydrated with gourmet food and bubbly beverages.

We know catering can be overwhelming! We are happy to help take some of the stress off of your plate and put some delicious, game-time grub on it! Our Event Services Managers are standing by to assist you with each order, but here are some FAQ’s regarding catering as well as some tips to get you started:

How much should I expect to spend?

We generally recommend you budget anywhere from $50-$100 per person occupying your suite. This range is dependent on the venue your suite is at and the sport you are spectating.  NFL suites are normally more expensive to cater than MLB, NHL, or NBA suites. Almost all venues include a 15-20% service charge tacked onto the total, so make sure to budget for this as well!

How much should you expect to spend on suite catering?

How much should I order?

Since catering portions at most venues are quite generous, you don’t have to order the same quantity of food as the number of people in your luxury suite. For example, if there are 20 hungry guests in your suite, it is not necessary to order 20 servings of each menu item. As a rule of thumb, we recommend ordering half as many servings as guests. So if you have 16 guests in your suite, 8 servings of each item should be plenty to feed your group. Many of the menu items can be replenished if you run out during your event!

Our Event Managers recommend you order somewhere in the ballpark of: one to two appetizers, one side, one to two entrees, one snack, and one dessert.

Ordering enough food for your suite.

How can I keep costs lower?

There are a couple ways to ensure your catering costs fall near the lower end of the budget range.. When selecting menu items, try to avoid foods that are served as single portions, and stick to items like fajitas, brisket, or pulled pork. Since these items don’t come in individual sizes, they tend to last longer. You will also get the most bang for your buck by sticking to beer and wine and avoiding liquor when choosing your alcohol. Guests can always order liquor on the club levels if beer and wine aren’t cutting it.

Keeping suite catering costs lower.

What is the difference between ordering through the venue vs. through SuiteHop?

Suites menus can be daunting, with some reaching up to 50 pages! Our Event Managers will help you decide what to order based on your group size and preferences. You can trust us to put together an impressive spread while saving you $$$. Your Event Manager will not only walk you through the menu but will place the order and help you make changes if need be. Our experienced Event Managers are well-versed in placing catering orders and are happy to assist you, free of charge!

Suite catering through SuiteHop.

What is the deadline for placing my order?

The deadline for submitting your catering order depends on the event. For MLB games, NHL matches, NBA games, and concerts, catering orders must be submitted a minimum of 3 days before your event. For NFL events, the orders need to be submitted a week before. The further in advance you submit your orders, the more time or Event Managers have to assist you with your spread, get confirmation, and make changes.

Venues do have a Day of Event menu from which you can order food and drinks. Keep in mind that these menus feature more limited options and usually take longer to arrive in your suite, but are a good alternative to pre-orders if deadlines are too tight.

Ensure your suite catering order is placed in time.

Is there anything else I should know?

Keep in mind that any alcohol left over at the conclusion of your suite event may not be removed from the suite and no food or drink not consumed will be credited back to you. This is important to remember when placing your preorder and ordering additional items from the suite attendant. You can always order more! Just pay attention to the event cut-offs for ordering alcohol. The cutoffs vary from venue-to-venue but are generally as follows:

NBA– End of the third quarter

NHL– Beginning of the third period

MLB–  End of the seventh inning stretch

Concerts– Vary widely from venue to venue so check with your suite attendant!

Here's what else you should know about suite catering orders.

Don’t stress over how much to budget, what to order, or when decisions need to be made by. Allow this guide to help you and your Event Services Manager to be by your side every step of the way. Our assistance with your catering orders is just another reason SuiteHop provides much more than tickets! Visit or contact our suite experts online at or by phone at 1-844-SuiteHop to learn more.

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