Should I Book a Suite or Group Tickets?

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So you’ve decided to treat a large group to a baseball game. Great idea! Perhaps you’re celebrating a birthday, rewarding your employees, or networking with a crew of clients. You’ve established that you want to all sit together. But where do you go from there? How do you decide between group tickets and a private suite?

Group Tickets Defined

Group tickets are simply a cluster of tickets in select areas throughout the stadium that guarantee your group will stick together. While some ballparks offer special promotional opportunities with group tickets, the space you are seated in will likely look just like that you sat in as a child when your parents took you to a ballgame. Here’s when you should choose a suite instead.

Book a suite if you want to allow your guests to…

Grab a dog without waiting in line

Waiting in a concession line with a growling stomach doesn’t make for the most pleasant experience. And there’s the dilemma of missing an unbelievable play for shorter lines or waiting for a short break between innings, when thousands of other fans scurry to secure their nachos.

Suites offer gourmet catering. Meaning the food comes to you and you won’t have to wait in line to take a bite. In addition to ballpark staples like hot dogs and pizza, catering companies offer unique options, even as mouthwatering as seared beef tenderloin. Good luck finding that goodness at a concession stand!

Take a shorter bathroom break

The only thing more annoying than a long line for snacks is a never ending bathroom line. Don’t force your guests to choose between limiting their beer consumption and missing half of of the game listening to toilets flush.

Many luxury suites feature private restrooms within the space. Those that don’t offer dedicated suite level restroom which are well-maintained and generally pose no lines. Get back to the game faster and crack open that bubbly beverage!

Rub elbows- but not with everyone

Sitting with like-minded fans can be a blast. Unfortunately, you don’t get to choose who occupies the seats adjacent to your group. Rowdy fans (or worse, rowdy fans of the opposing teams) could be surrounding your guests, which doesn’t make for the best setting for your event, business or personal.

When you book a private suite, you book peace of mind knowing that only those you invite can mingle with your guests. Not to worry, suites feature indoor and outdoor seating facing the field so your group can still feel the excitement of being part of the action.

In addition to these premium perks, suites are a surefire way to impress your guests. While many of them have probably kept ordinary stadium seats warm for a game, we bet fewer of them have lived the Suite Life at the ballpark. Revel in the faces of your attendees as they make their way through the private suite entrance, catch site of the catering spread, and take in the amazing views of the field. That’s an experience group tickets can’t quite match.

To book a private suite for MLB season, contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or

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