Benefits of an In-Suite Concierge

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Attending events in a suite is a surefire way to entertain employees, clients, and potential clients. But playing host to guests comes with certain distractions that may take away from valuable conversations or enjoying the event at-hand.  Why risk you or your guests having to miss a second of the action? Grabbing a drink or refilling the chip bowl could mean missing a game-winning score or a record-setting play. Enter: Your in-suite concierge!

An in-suite concierge is our solution to all the distractions that come with hosting an event, allowing you to focus on the game and building a relationship with your guests.

Distraction #1: Drink Refills

Whether your guests choose a refreshing beer, a tasty glass of wine, or a sweet soda, staying hydrated is an essential piece of enjoying the game. Unfortunately, vacating your seat to grab a drink when you’re parched can mean interrupting beneficial interactions with clients or missing a memorable play by your favorite team.

The Solution: Your concierge will be standing by to make sure your glass is full and a drink is always nestled in your guests’ hand.  Your concierge will have full access to the in-suite, fully-stocked fridge and will make sure your guests reap the thirst-quenching benefits without having to leave their seats.

Distraction #2: Running out of Concessions

Our suite experts will coordinate with you to ensure an array of food is waiting for you and your guests before the action commences. What if the chip bowl seems to be diminishing especially quickly? When entertaining, you want to make sure that your guests aren’t left longing for more of something that now only leaves behind an empty bowl. Taking time to order more drinks and food is more time not spent with clients or employees or attention to the event.

The Solution: Your concierge will monitor the food and drinks to make sure the fridge stays stocked with your guests’ favorite beverages and that members aren’t fighting over the last sandwich. With a direct line to the catering department, your suite concierge can restock concessions as necessary to keep your guests from feeling deprived!

Distraction #3: Trash and Mess

Along with entertaining comes the unwanted reminisce of entertaining: the mess. With your guests enjoying refreshments and snacks, the inevitable paper plate, napkin, or empty can is bound to be scattered about in the suite. Or, perhaps, someone gets too excited about that decadent chocolate cake and leaves behind a pile of crumbs. When hosting guests, you want to ensure the suite experience isn’t tainted by trash and clutter. Leaving your seat to dispose of trash can be yet another distraction from your event.

The Solution: Your concierge will periodically throw away trash and make sure the suite stays tidy for you and your guests. They’ll even recycle your cans so you don’t have to distinguish between garbage and recycling! A cleaner suite makes for a sweeter experience!


Beyond minimizing these possible distractions, the concierge makes an awesome impression on your guests and a more enjoyable event for all in attendance. They will greet you and your guests with a smile when you walk into the suite and will be present throughout the game to accommodate your group’s every need.

With the presence of an in-suite concierge, you’re providing your guests an unforgettable experience from the second they set foot in the suite, to the last play of the game or the final note of the concert.


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