At the Batting Cages with Power Pitch

Meeting with the Power Pitch panelists was a phenomenal experience for SuiteHop and we are so excited to have had the opportunity to introduce our services and receive feedback about the marketplace.

We’ve taken the feedback from the panelists, and wanted to share our detailed responses with you. Please let us know in the comments if you have other questions, or would like to learn more about how SuiteHop can help you get (or sell) your seat in a suite.

Problem: The transactions are too complex with coordinating the catering, details, etc.

Suite sales are complex and that is exactly why a service like SuiteHop is incredibly helpful to our customers.  We have years of experience coordinating the logistics of suite events, including catering, parking and in-suite attendants and we offer that experience as an area of our customer service.

Problem: The challenge is they are banking on the relationship between stadiums and their suite tickets to change in their favor.

As Todd mentioned, millions of dollars are left on the table while suites are left half-full around the country, providing venues with the direct push to lead them to take new measures to ensure the revenue from these luxury suites. SuiteHop is not banking on the relationship changing in the future, the market has already made the commitment to change as vendors and teams have realized the value in using other means beyond contracts to sell suites.

Problem: SuiteHop might not be able to get inventory at scale with demand because of problems on the supply side.

With over 15 years of experience in the field, Todd and the SuiteHop team have built lasting relationships with teams and venues across the country as well as individual suite owners. SuiteHop is a trusted partner, as evidenced by an increasing number of venues now providing SuiteHop buyers direct inventory to suites. With the decreases in purchasing of long-term suite contracts, suite owners are more likely than ever to list their available suites for individual sale.
Interested in watching the full pitch? Check it out at CNBC.