7 Things That Won’t Happen in a Private Baseball Suite

Baseball season is upon us and brings with it a unique entertainment opportunity: a private baseball suite. Whether your guests are clients, employees, or family members, treating them to a ball game from a luxury suite allows you to avoid some common game-time entertainment hurdles. Here’s what WON’T happen in a private baseball suite.

You Won’t…

  1. Fall Victim to Inclement Weather

Baseball stadiums are outdoors and uncovered, which means often falling prey to inclement weather. From the scorching sun at Marlins Park to rain delays at Safeco Field, a private suite is sure to protect you from whatever weather comes your way. Stay cool and dry in your climate controlled suite and tell Mother Nature (and the opposing team) to bring it on!

You Won’t…

  1. Have to Hassle with Concession Stands

Who needs lines, crowds, and a deterrent from the action when you have premium catering options? Have delicious food awaiting you and your guests upon entering the suite. Avoid fighting through crowds just to be greeted by a line for popcorn and hot dogs- enjoy gourmet food options without having to step outside your luxury box. SuiteHop’s Event Services Manager is happy to help you place your order!

You won’t…

  1. Be Uncomfortable

Hard, numbing stadium seats don’t have to be a part of the ball game. Most luxury suites feature oversized chairs and cushy bar stools and many even include couches! Keep your caboose comfy in theatre style leather seats and enjoy more room to stretch out while you enjoy the game.

You Won’t…

  1. Keep Company with Unwanted Guests

Would you throw a party and allow anyone to attend, uninvited or not? We’re guessing the answer is no. Avoid entertaining your clients or employees in the company of thousands of unwanted guests and take your party to the privacy of a luxury suite. Only those you designate a ticket to can access your private suite entrance.

You Won’t…

  1. Miss Out on Important Business Conversations

Those ‘uninvited’ party guests we mentioned can be quite noisy. Chances are, whether clients, employees or prospective clients, you brought your guests to the game for a reason. As the purpose for your entertainment is most likely enhanced by business conversations, allow audible, uninterrupted conversations with your guests in your private suite!

You Won’t…

  1. Blend in with the Competition

Enter the big leagues of entertainment. Many companies reward good clients or incentivise hard-working employees with dinner or drinks. Taking your guests out to the ball game is a surefire way to stand out from your competition and keep your business batting a thousand.

You Won’t…

  1. Underwhelm Your Guests

A baseball game  in a luxury suite is entertainment to impress. Make your attendees feel like VIPs! From the comfy, climate controlled setting, to the private, exclusive atmosphere, your guests are sure to call the event a grand slam!

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