5 Tips for Planning an Event in a Suite

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When it comes to planning an event in a suite, there are five important tips you should keep in mind, especially when your event involves your clients.

5 Tips to Planning an Event in a Suite

  1. Know Your Client: It is important to know your clients and guests to ensure a successful event.  For instance, you don’t want to take a client who doesn’t know a thing about football to an NFL Game.  And, you definitely do not want to serve an all meat dinner menu to a client who is strictly vegan.  Knowing a little about your client will help with decision making, especially when you’re entertaining in a suite where you are all condensed into a luxury box for a few hours.
  2. Confirm the Suite Rules: There are different can’s and can not’s when it comes to entertaining in a suite.  Be sure to understand your stadium’s rules prior to the event. Your SuiteHop Service Manager can help you find out how much you are allowed to decorate, what types of catering options are available, and also how early and late you are allowed to stay in the suite.  Knowing what you can and can’t do in advance will make for easy planning and a more successful event. When it comes to decoration, do not over do it. If the suite has signage available to you, use it to display both companies logos and thank your client for joining you for a night out.
  3. Catering/Concierge: There can be many options when it come to food and beverage.  When entertaining, have fun with the food orders and make a themed menu for the event.  If you were in Denver at a Broncos Game vs. the Dallas Cowboys, serve some Texas style BBQ, or gourmet ballpark food during a baseball game. Most stadiums allow requests for custom menu options placed 48 hours or more prior to the event.  As a general rule though, plan for $50-$100 per person if you want to do a full spread (appetizers, entrees, snacks, dessert, drinks, etc.). However catering is a variable cost, so it can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it (just depends on what you order and how much of it). Finally, requesting an in-suite concierge to cater to you and your clients can make the night more enjoyable for everyone.
  4. Special Requests: When entertaining in a suite, there are many different special requests that can be made.  If your clients are arriving separately, you may want to request to purchase additional parking passes.   If you are looking to make a big impression, request a celebrity appearance.  Some baseball stadiums offer alumni nights where former players visit suites to take pictures and sign autographs but, if you are looking for a specific celebrity, you could contact and schedule an appearance.  Other special requests could include official game day merchandise or promotional marketing items with your company logo such as team shirts, hats, water bottles, and other nice gifts.
  5. Prepare Yourself: Get ready to be around clients in a casual setting. The last thing a client would want is to be swarmed with business while at a game. Be sure to make the night enjoyable and memorable for when conducting business at a later date.  This event will leave a lasting impression of your company on your client.

Before you start planning your next event in a suite remember these five tips.  It is important to know your client, know your venue, order catering, make special requests, and prepare yourself mentally.  These events can be a make or break deal for your company and you want to ensure a successful night.

If you are looking to plan an event, but would like assistance, SuiteHop can offer all of these services from signage and decoration to in-suite concierge service and even arranging for celebrity appearances. Let us make your next event one your clients will always remember.

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