5 Most Historic Ballparks in the MLB

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Baseball is often called the Great  American Pastime because the game is deeply rooted in the history of our nation. But while the popularity of sports in this day and age seems to be defined by television viewership, baseball remains a sport that is best watched live surrounded by friends and family. (and a ballpark hot dog) It is impossible to think about this historic American sport without considering the ballparks that play host to tradition. Here are the five most historic ballparks in major league baseball:

Most Historic Parks in the MLB

Fenway Park

Opening its gates in 1912, Fenway Park can call itself the oldest baseball stadium currently in use. The home of the Boston Red Sox has also been home to such legendary names as Babe Ruth before his unpopular sale to the Yankees, Wade Boggs, and Roger Clemens. Located in one of the nation’s oldest cities, Fenway Park also features the only wooden seats left standing (or sitting) in baseball. In 2012, Fenway was added to the National Register of Historic Places. The iconic stadium is a must-see for baseball fans and history buffs alike.

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Wrigley Field

Home of the Cubs since 1914, this Chicago landmark is the second oldest MLB stadium in the nation. The first thing visitors may notice is that the outfield fences, thickly covered with ivy, allow no room for the rampant advertisements found at other ballparks. Onlookers can also catch a glimpse of the game from rooftop seats across the street. As historic as these physical elements are the memories that have been drawn in dirt at the stadium. During what is perhaps the most historic memory, Babe Ruth’s Called Shot, the legendary Babe Ruth allegedly pointed to the centerfield bleachers before knocking a home run out of the park.

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Dodger Stadium

Located in the Elysian Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, Dodger Stadium opened on April 10, 1964. Home of the Los Angeles Dodgers, the stadium is the largest MLB stadium by seat capacity. In addition to playing host to eight World Series, it is the third oldest ballpark in history that has seen 12 no-hitters, earning it the nickname, “pitcher’s ballpark.” Dodger Stadium has welcomed over 147 to it’s bleachers since its opening. Dodger Stadium is a historic ballpark that stands for community and tradition overlooking downtown LA.

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Coors Field

It’s easy to tell how Colorado’s team got it’s name when you see the view from their home bleachers and the resemblance it strikes to the front of a Coors Light can. This picturesque park is the third oldest in the National League and the first baseball-only National League Park constructed since Dodger Stadium in 1962. The Rockies first season at Coors Field took place in 1995 and in 1999 the Rockies and their opponents scored a record-breaking 303 home runs. Due to Colorado’s thin air and it’s effect on a baseball, the stadium has acquired a reputation as the most offensive ballpark ever built.

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Yankee Stadium

Although the new Yankee Stadium, opened in 2009, sits a block north of the old Yankee Stadium, it still holds between its bleachers the legacy of the team that has won the most World Series and inducted the most players into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Some unmistakable names that have worn the Yankees pinstripe uniform include Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, and Yogi Berra. A number of records and unforgettable moments were set at the old Yankee Stadium including Roger Maris’ single-season home run record in 1961 and Don Larsen’s perfect game in the 1956 World Series.  Built in the Bronx, the new Yankee Stadium incorporates some of the traditional design elements of its predecessor. Perhaps the impressive Ghosts of Yankees past even followed them up the street.

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