2016 Live Event Trends

StubHub recently released their second annual Year in Live Events Report, outlining live event consumer trends for the previous year. The ticket marketplace uncovered a record-breaking year in live event demand, while SuiteHop found similar trends with suite sales.

StubHub declared their customers spent more on live events in 2016 than ever before. Our suite experts at SuiteHop saw a similar increase in the amount consumers were willing to spend on live events, with a focus on premium seating for an elevated experience.

“Consumers, globally, are spending more than ever on live event experiences.” -StubHub’s Year In Live Events Report

Take a look at our infographic to see what live events were most popular for suite buyers and which brought in the biggest demand on the luxury suite market in 2016. Some of the events may surprise you while for others, the knowledge of their popularity was hard to avoid.

Interesting to note is that many of the consumers seeking suites are partial to the same events as individuals seeking regular tickets. This goes to show that demand for an event signifies demand at any level of entertainment.

To join in on the increasing popularity of live events in style, book a luxury suite for 2017. Live events produce memories and live events in a suite create moments your guests aren’t soon to forget.

To book your epic suite entertainment now, contact our suite experts at 1-888-Suitehop or info@suitehop.com. We can help identify which events generate the highest demand as well as how to entertain at these events in the most epic way. Get ready to make the Suite Life, your life.