National League Suites to Book Before MLB Season Ends

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Are you looking to plan your crowning achievement in corporate entertainment this fall? We’ve mentioned time and time again that MLB suites are a great way to exceed your entertainment goals. Ensure an unforgettable event for your clients and an unmatched return on investment for your business.

The National League is the older of the two MLB leagues and includes historic teams with rich fan-followings and traditions. Dedicated fans means more of your invitees will become attendees. National league suites for top teams this season will make for a well-spent entertainment budget.

Here Come the Playoffs

MLB playoffs are fast approaching, and inviting guests to see a team in contention is sure to get you a satisfactory number of RSVP’s. Meeting customers and potential clients face-to-face is a proven method for accelerating business partnerships. Doing it with the backdrop of an MLB team just before they enter the postseason is taking your entertainment game to another level. Here are the MLB suites we recommend for a killer corporate event at the tail-end of baseball season:

Cubs Suites

#1 in the NL Central

The Chicago Cubs have had a killer season. The team currently leads not only their division but the entire National League. Cubs fans have been waiting since 1945 to see their team make an appearance in a World Series. (We won’t mention how long they’ve been waiting to see them win one) Clients will be dying to watch them from a suite as they make their way to the postseason and your corporate event at Wrigley Field will garner outstanding attendance!

Cubs suites at Wrigley Field are the perfect way to treat clients to the national league leaders in style! Wrigley Field suites feature a plethora of VIP amenities for your guests, including heated outdoor seats as the weather drops in Chicago. Listen to the chorus of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” echo off the walls of your private suite during the 7th inning stretch and leave guests in awe from the first inning, to the last.

Dodgers Suites

#1 in the NL West

There is no Dodging the fact that LA’s major league baseball team is looking good this year. Make no mistake, Dodgers fans are used to the winning feeling in what could be the team’s fourth year the the top of their division. LA baseball fans will probably tell you that doesn’t make the prospect of another season on top any less exciting. Treat crucial customers in LA to a seat in a suite at Dodgers Stadium as the team continues to chase a playoff invitation.

There is something so much tastier about eating a Dodger dog while shielding yourself from the SoCal sun in a climate-controlled suite. Dodger Stadium suites hold anywhere from 15 to up to 80 guests, so invite everyone who makes your business go-round to this business bash with the backdrop of a baseball game.

Nationals Suites

#1 in the NL East

The Washington Nationals have been a national sensation this MLB season. The team has been shining since April and Nationals fans are hoping the shine carries through to the playoffs. We’re betting your crucial clients in our nation’s capital will respond positively to an invite to Nationals Park.

Nationals Park is one of the newer stadiums in the MLB, so you can bet the amenities are top-of-the-line. Nationals Park suites include private restrooms and gourmet catering, so your guests won’t be forced to miss a second of the action! Instead, they’ll be thanking you for an incredible experience in The Capital City. Hopefully the Nationals will take the NL East for a spot in the playoffs, and your guests can say they “saw them when..” from a suite.

To book a suite to see one of the top teams in the National League and make your entertainment a grand slam, contact us at 1-866-SuiteHop or

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