Why You Should Always Buy Your Game Tickets From a Reliable Seller

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They say technology is both a blessing and a curse. This is evidenced by online scammers who can swipe your money with a click of the mouse and never deliver on the product promised (and paid for). This misfortune is rampant in the world of sporting event ticket sales, which is why is so crucial to purchase your game tickets from a reliable seller.

Recently, abc7 reported on a woman wanted for carrying out multiple ticket scams in New Jersey. Die-hard Jets and Giants fans were tempted by promises of a premium fan experience for a low cost. As visions of field access and an open bar danced in their heads, what sounded like a football fan’s dream purchase turned into quite a nightmare when the too-good-to-be-true tickets never arrived.

Thats right, it was a scam. As much as $1,600 later, the unfortunate fans were left to watch the games on TV. And seeing as both the Giants and Jets are last in their division, we aren’t sure the scammed fans could even find comfort in a team win that day.

Buy Your Tickets from a Reliable Seller

All sports fans can learn a lesson from what these ripped-off fans endured. There is nothing quite like experience a live sporting event, but make sure you are actually paying for the experience and not stuffing a scammer’s pockets.

Do Your Research

Know a thing or two about the seller to ensure they are reliable. Do they have an established company, or are they an individual surfing the web from their couch? We have the internet at our fingertips, folks. If you can’t find them on Google, they may be a scammer.

Buy From a Reputable Company [Like SuiteHop]

There are plenty of established companies that sell tickets, and it is a lot easier for an individual to pull off a scam than an established company. Companies often have waivers and agreements for you to sign prior to purchasing tickets and an established method for buying these tickets. If the method sounds something like “send Bob from Craiglist an envelope of cash,” RUN.

Ask Questions

Questions are your friend when avoiding a scam. Don’t just ask questions about the seller, ask questions about the tickets you are purchasing. A reliable seller should be able to answer most of your inquiries, but asking for details might just scare scammers away.

If It Seems Too Good to be True…

Well, you know the rest. A bargain is different than something that is just too good to be true. Educate yourself about the price of suite tickets. If a package is being offered at far below what it is worth, ask why! (questions, remember) You may have truly come accross a great deal, or you may have stumbled upon a scam.

SuiteHop is a Reliable Seller

If you come across our name when looking to make a suite purchase, you know your entertainment budget will be smartly and safely spent. Our suite marketplace offers the following protections for your purchasing peace of mind:

  1. We only work with verified suite owners.
  2. We don’t charge added fees or hidden costs.
  3. We will answer any and all questions about what is included.
  4. We have a contract that guarantees your purchase.
  5. We aren’t working from the couch in our pajamas.

To learn more, contact us at 1-888-SuiteHop or info@suitehop.com.

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